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If I had a pound for every time a contractor said that all they want is to legally take home as much pay as possible, I would be a very rich man. This is where we can help, starting with a FREE 30-minute consultation!

- Andy Tree, MD, Top Branch Partners

Andy Tree (Managing Director of Top Branch Partners) would like to offer a completely FREE 30 minute advice session with, to go through the options available and provide initial advice. To take advantage of this special offer, you simply need to complete this form.

Our services range from providing you with access to our sister company Umbrella, where we can manage all your tax and NI payments and provide a payslip, to our "all inclusive" Limited Company service, where we set you up with a company, with no upfront cost and manage the administration for you. The best setup for an individual will depend on their unique circumstances, hence best discussed properly by taking advantage of 30 min free consultation.

Our rates are affordable & particularly attractive for contractors and small businesses

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