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Why top branch?

Top Branch Partners is a premier accountancy, financial services, business advice and support company.

We regularly take on new clients who have been let down unintentionally by a one-person accountancy firm, where the accountant is effective, yet the entire service depends on them being well and available. On the other end of the scale, we take on clients who have been dealing with a large accountancy firm where they dealt with an accountant on day one, but an office junior for the rest of the year who cares more about Friday night than the growth of their business!

Top Branch Partners is large enough to ensure there is enough members of the executive team to ensure service can continue if one is ill or away, yet we are small enough to ensure you get to deal directly with the executive team for a personal service, and not junior staff!

As you navigate the website you will find various services which fit together and complement each other. Many people in my profession have unfortunately never worked outside of an accounting practice and focus very narrowly on accounting issues. We believe this can give a somewhat skewed idea of the pressures that exist outside of their own environment.

Our initial discussion with you will be to determine which services you require and then put together a bespoke package with a very reasonable monthly fee. Our philosophy is the belief that the average accountancy and business advice fees in the UK are too high, and our mission statement is to provide such services at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality! We are based in Surrey and Hampshire and work with clients throughout the whole of the UK.

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