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Expense advice

At Top Branch, we will sit with you one on one, to go through your business expenses and advice what is allowed and what is not. All your expense discussions form part of our all inclusive monthly fee. We reckon that the simple yet powerful expense advice we give, creates the real value for our clients.

The expense system is notoriously difficult to understand, and few business owners are able to get it right without the right accountant's help. If you get the right accountant, the money you get to save is well worth their fee. We pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive and thorough expense advice to our clients.

Get answers to every expense question (for free)

  • How to claim allowable business expenses
  • How to avoid common expense mistakes
  • Complete list of allowable expenses
  • Complete list of non-allowable expenses
  • Why some of these expenses are allowed (and some are not)
  • Recent regulatory changes about expenses
  • In-depth understanding of what you can claim
  • How to keep proper records (and for how long)

If an employee (or director) gets anything other than the pay, it probably counts as an expense or benefit. Some of these expenses are taxable and some are non-taxable. Non-taxable expenses are also called as allowable expenses. These allowable expenses help you reduce your tax bill.

When you talk to us, you will be surprised to learn about the type of expenses that you never thought you could claim before. We can help you save money by giving you detailed instructions on exactly what you're entitled to claim and how to go about doing it.

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