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Sole-trader accounting service

Entrepreneurs and contractors can choose to become self-employed as a sole-trader instead of operating as limited company. It offers a great life style choice without the burden of limited company rules, regulations, deadlines and protects the individual's privacy.

We offer accountancy solution to assist you as a sole trader. Even though operating as a sole trader is much simpler than a limited company, still there are many processes that need to be followed. If you are already operating or just starting a business as sole trader, Top Branch can help.

Total accountancy solution for sole traders

  • Free advice on setting up and operating as sole-trader
  • Expert advice from a dedicated manager, 7 days a week
  • Help with your self-assessment tax returns
  • Invoicing and bookkeeping
  • Unlimited tax planning support and free software

Advantages of setting up as sole trader

Control over your business: You as a sole trader will have total control over your business. You can take quick business, financial decisions without anyone's interference.

Easy to switch: You can easily switch from being a sole trader to a limited company any time you want.

Less accounting: Accounting regulations and processes are much simpler and easier to follow for a sole trader compared to a limited company director.

You keep your profit: As the sole owner of your business, all the profit generated by the business belongs to you.

Privacy is assured: Your competitors or general public cannot access your business records as they are always kept private. Nobody will ever know how much you are generating and of which how much is your profit.

The one major disadvantage of being a sole trader is that you are responsible and accountable for all your business debts. If your business runs into trouble and you build debt, you could end up losing your personal assets like home, car etc.

However there are certain unique advantages of operating as a sole trader. For example, you can build close contact and rapport with your customers as a sole trader. Customers often see sole-traders as more personable, approachable, friendly and local.

Simply fill your details on the contact form, and we will call you to discuss in person and set everything up for you to start working as a sole trader.

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