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Insolvency & business recovery

  1. Do you need someone to go through problems with who is totally unconnected to you, your business, friends and family, and will have loyalty to you alone?
  2. Do you have an insolvent limited company, have heard about directors being made personally liable for company debts and prosecuted, and need a confidential discussion to decide how to protect yourself?
  3. Are you a personal guarantor to any company debts?
  4. Do you owe Tax to HMRC, whether it be through a company or personal?
  5. Are you owed money by debtors and that is what is causing the problems?
  6. Perhaps you need some help with chasing these debts?
  7. Are you looking for the best way out of your current situation for YOU?!
  8. Do you want to discuss the different ways you could get debts reduced, written off or turned into payment plans?
  9. Do you want to carry on in business through a new company but not sure how to deal with the current debt situation and ensure the new company is legal?/
  10. Are you desperate to try and save your house from bankruptcy? If so you need to ACT NOW!

Example 1 - Personal guarantor

We have experience in dealing with and negotiating settlement with creditors regarding personal guarantors worth over £1million pounds, for a less than 1% settlement figure!

Example 2 - Company debt

We have experience in business recovery. We have turned a business with over £300,000 of debt into a new profitable business through company restructure, parts of which have since been sold.

Example 3 - HMRC

We have experience in negotiating payment plans for personal and company tax owed to HMRC (HMRC never set a precedent when agreeing to a payment plan).

Role of insolvency practitioner

We are business advisors not insolvency practitioners. If you put your company into liquidation you can choose the insolvency practitioner in a "member's voluntary liquidation" but they are still obliged to get the best deal for the creditors – in fact they are regulated to do just that – so although appointed by you, they do not work for you! We can provide you with genuine advice and support with no loyalty to anyone other than YOU!

Alternative to liquidation

There are alternatives to company liquidation which can wipe away debt and also leave you with an unblemished record, regardless of amount of debt. We can talk through all the options to find out if any other solution is appropriate.

Final point

The key is to ensure you follow the rules, do not wrongfully trade, and be proactive and not reactive to any debt problems. We can help you to try and achieve your goals. If you are interested in this service, we appreciate that you will most likely not have the available monies to pay large fees and therefore we are happy to come to an arrangement with you as to how we engage with you. Please contact us by completing the contact us form in our website.

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